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During which inspection, the well being department discovered five critical violations, including mold inside its icemaker.

The inspector watched a new dishwasher handle clean dishes right after handling dirty ones.

The Clean Plate Award goes to China Wok, 1628 E. Dublin Granville Road.

Seven straight inspections without having just about any critical violations. in its final inspection, the Columbus Public Well Being Department uncovered 6 critical violations.

Not so. And Also the Clean Plate Award should go to? A New Chinese restaurant in which hasn't had a critical violation inside three years!

Sushi En, 1051 Gemini Place, will get the ABC 6 On Your Current Own side Dirty Dish Award. The manager advised Sussi in which every one regarding the wellness department's concerns had been addressed.

And the actual chef ended up being spotted handling broccoli and sushi with their bare hands.

"We in zero way http://aiyazawa.com had a concern truly prior to this last one," Manager Tina Bae said.

COLUMBUS (Tom Sussi) -- The poor inspections lands any sushi restaurant its 2nd Dirty Dish Award throughout six months. in fact, China Wok hasn't and a critical violation since January 2012.

ABC six Investigator Tom Sussi is actually On The Own side along with his every week Dirty Dining Report.

Cross contamination concerns: raw salmon has been spotted close to ready-to-eat foods.

Unsafe meals temperatures:  State law needs cold food items always be held from 41 degrees as well as below. About day associated with inspection, raw salmon, smoked salmon, tuna, egg and cream cheese had been most higher than in which mark.

. Sussi gave the particular restaurant your Dirty Dish Award again throughout February

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